The road to energy efficiency starts at home. By saving in your home you contribute to lowering the demand for generation, reducing the level of demand on the sources, all while reducing the cost of your bill. We share with you some simple tips to save energy.

Brings back the shine to your lamps and bulbs.

A dirty lamp can lose up to 50% of its power, so you may need more energy to light the same space. When you clean your photos on a regular basis, you can save up to 20% in electricity consumption.

The future is LED

This type of light consumes six to seven times less than a traditional light bulb. Switch all your conventional light bulbs to LEDs and you could save up to 80% of your consumption.

No more singing in the shower

Hot water can demand the most energy in the home, reducing our shower time can save us a lot of money.

Let’s disconnect!

Even when switched off, connected appliances can still use about 10% of the energy they require to operate normally. Unplug everything you are not using.

The washing machine is used full.

If you wash everything in one batch, you wash fewer times, saving energy and water at the same time.

Cook everything in one session

Every time the door is opened, cold air flows out and warm air flows in. To compensate for the temperature rise inside, the refrigerator must use energy to bring the temperature back down. Avoid opening the door unnecessarily and for long periods of time.

Cold food goes in the refrigerator

For the same reason above, never put hot food in the refrigerator.

Always check the label

When buying appliances, remember that they are rated. Appliance consumption is measured by their label.Class A labels (green color) guarantee that the machines operate with the lowest possible energy consumption.

Every man for himself

Keep the refrigerator compressor from having to work twice as hard, always place the refrigerator away from heat sources, such as the stove, oven or microwave, and it is even a good idea to keep it away from heat and sunlight.

With these easy tips you can start contributing to energy efficiency and give the planet a break.