Energy is everything capable of producing a change in matter, of producing work in the form of movement, light, heat, etc.

All motion is a product of energy, such as the vehicle that moves forward by the energy of combustion or the blades of a windmill that move pushed by the wind.

Energy has been a key piece for the development of mankind, since the beginning of its existence it has needed energy to survive and advance, it is the capacity of bodies to perform work and produce changes in themselves or in other bodies. In other words, the concept of energy is defined as the ability to make things work.

This, in turn, is neither created nor destroyed, it is only transformed or transferred between different objects, for example, the energy of the air can be transformed into electricity and this in turn can be transformed into thermal energy to heat an iron in the home, which leads us to its different properties.

Energy properties.

Energy has four properties:

It transforms. As mentioned above, energy is transformed, for example, when the chemical energy of a battery is converted into electrical energy by powering a lamp.

Energy is transferred and can be passed from one object to another. When hot water is mixed with cold water, the hot water transfers thermal energy to the cold water.

Energy can be transported from one place to another. Electric power travels through wires to homes.

Energy can be stored, as in a cell phone battery.

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