Wind power is another clean energy source. Fortunately, it contributes nothing to climate change or the greenhouse effect. It is the cleanest there is. Wind turbines are responsible for producing the energy. In many countries, wind energy projects serve large industries.

The 100-meter-high wind turbines with 30-meter-long blades are the main protagonists. They are accused of causing visual pollution and people may not like them. However, in Spain, for example, they are major tourist attractions. Elsewhere, wind turbines have become symbols of villages. So there’s a broken one for a broken one.

It must be taken into account that in order to design these fields where the wind turbines will be installed, the first requirement is that they must be large plains, that is to say, that there are no natural or artificial barriers in their path. One environmental non-conformance is that wind turbines are a hazard to migratory birds.

There are also offshore wind turbines. The companies locate them with a minimum of 3 kilometers inside the sea. However, as with everything in life, these projects represent high economic risks. The wiring, infrastructure, not to mention maintenance, can trigger the investment. The vibrations they produce will also affect the marine ecosystem. Too risky although it depends a lot on the location.

The benefit of using wind energy, even if it is offshore, is great, but let us remember that these renewable energies, especially wind energy, are in development and it is certain that in the future they will improve their processes to be more efficient.