Are we aware of how much energy we use? Are we spending more than we need to? Is sufficient power available? It is important to ask ourselves these and other questions to regulate our habits and focus on efficient energy use. We explain what energy efficiency is all about.

Our society is advancing at a fast pace and every day our need to produce and consume all kinds of products is increasing. Energy efficiency is a way to contribute to the sustainability of our lifestyle.

Energy efficiency

It is easy to understand that we are referring to efficient use, but how do we ensure efficient consumption?

An appliance, process or installation is efficient when it consumes less energy than is normally used in an activity.

To be efficient, a service, product or person seeks to optimize its energy resources by applying better processes and adopting technologies better designed for this purpose, including among these measures a process to increasingly use renewable energies.

Through energy efficiency we seek to protect the environment by reducing our need for flux, accustoming the user to use only what is strictly necessary. Responsible consumption leads to a reduction of CO2 emissions, through technological and habit changes, contributing in a more active way to the care of the planet.

One problem we face on the road to energy efficiency is that in many cases it is still a choice. Currently not all products available on the market are efficient; we can see this in items of personal use, checking the energy efficiency labels of many appliances we buy.

This is because efficient alternatives tend to require a higher initial investment, as is the case, for example, with traditional light bulbs and LED lights.

For the moment we can say that energy efficiency is a matter of social and environmental awareness, however, the necessary technology is not only amortized in the short term, it also directly favors economic resources since these are linked to consumption savings.

By adopting measures to be more efficient we will contribute to take care of our environment while saving electricity.